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   Tricentis NeoLoad simplifies performance monitoring so that application delivery teams can take a standardized approach to ensure  continuous performance, reliability, and scalability from development to production.

   mySuperMon also integrated with NeoLoad, so as a NeoLoad user you can use mySuperMon as a plugin in NeoLoad. User can see mySuperMon dashboard results in their tool. This is helpful as they can see the database bottlenecks during the load testing run. You will soon read more information about how part in our recently published blog.

Release With Confidence


      Unfortunately, when it comes to purpose-built software applications with large databases, all too often new releases have to be returned after testing, or even after roll-out. Some inefficiencies are not discovered as soon as they could, resulting in unnecessary, costly development iterations and less-than-optimal customer satisfaction. 

      mySuperMon was designed to carry out performance monitoring not only earlier in the development process, but also differently based on specific use cases rather than overall database performance.

Core Benefits:

  • Automatically monitor relevant use cases in real time during software development;
  • Avoid reading millions of lines of code to make time-consuming corrections;
  • Prevent costly project delays and call-backs;
  • Release with confidence: on spec, on time, and on budget;
  • Make your customers happy!

Core Features:

  • Detects slow sql queries, ‘N+1 problems’, ‘ lock waits’ and other performance taxing use cases as they happen;
  • Analyzes and stores performance metrics from all executed test use cases and shows them on a dashboard for each case;
  • Shows a performance history of relevant test use cases;
  • Provides data to assist in analysis and performance improvements for the application under development;
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) with freemium pricing model;
  • Enterprise customers can have the system set up at their own premises;
  • REST API enables clients to integrate the monitoring data to their own dashboard applications.

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